Define name in excel : How to define name in excel in an amazing way

Define name in excel

In Microsoft Excel, the Define Name in excel allows you to assign a name to a specific cell, range of cells, formula, or constant value. This named reference can then be used in formulas, functions, and data validation instead of using cell references. It’s a powerful tool for making your Excel worksheets more readable, easier to maintain, and less prone to errors. Here’s how to use it with an example, as well as its advantages and disadvantages:

How to Define Name in Excel:

  1. Select the Cell or Range: Click on the cell or range of cells you want to name. You can select a single cell or a group of cells.
  2. Go to the Formulas Tab: In the Excel ribbon, go to the “Formulas” tab.
  3. Click on “Define Name”: In the “Defined Names” group, click on “Define Name.”
  4. Enter a Name: In the “New Name” dialog box that appears, enter a name for your reference. This name should be unique within the workbook and should not contain spaces or special characters (except underscore “_”).
  5. Define the Scope (Optional): You can specify the scope of the name, which determines where it can be used within the workbook. The default scope is usually “Workbook,” which means it can be used throughout the entire workbook.
  6. Click OK: Click the “OK” button to create the named reference.

Example of Define Name in Excel

Suppose you have a worksheet with sales data, and you want to calculate the total sales for the month. Instead of using cell references like “=SUM(B3:B32)”, you can define a name. Here’s how:

  1. Select the range containing your sales data, e.g., B3:B32.
  2. Go to the Formulas tab and click on “Define Name.”
  3. Enter a name like “MonthlySalesTotal” and click OK.

Now, you can use the name “MonthlySalesTotal” in your formulas:

define name in excel
Define name in excel : How to define name in excel in an amazing way 5

Now you can see this defined name by selecting B3:32 just shown in the below image

How to check define name in excel
Define name in excel : How to define name in excel in an amazing way 6

You now don’t need to write cell reference to calculate any excel function.Just write =SUM(MonthlySalesTotal) in a cell and get sum of all the selected excel cell range.

sum using define name function in excel
Define name in excel : How to define name in excel in an amazing way 7

How to delete a define name in excel

To delete defined name in excel just go to the formulas >> Name Manager and then click delete in in the pop up box after selecting the defined name. Please refer below image.

Name manager in excel
Define name in excel : How to define name in excel in an amazing way 8

Advantages of using Excel Defined Name function

  1. Improved Understandability: Names can give more context to formulas and cell references and improve the understandability of the worksheet.
  2. Maintainability: They can make maintaining and updating your spreadsheet easier. If your data changes, you just update the reference associated with the Name, and all the formulas using that Name will automatically update.
  3. Efficiency: Named ranges can be used in any formula where you would normally use a cell or range address.

Disadvantages of Defined Name in Excel

  1. Confusion: If you aren’t diligent about managing Names, you might create a confusing situation where worksheets are difficult to read and interpret due to an overuse of Names.
  2. Name conflicts: You might accidentally create Names that have the same name but refer to different ranges. Excel will default to using the locally defined Name, potentially causing errors in your calculations.
  3. Difficulty in tracing errors: If errors occur, they can be harder to trace and correct, especially if you’re not the one who created the Names.
  4. Compatibility: Not all versions of Excel support all features of the Define Name function. If you share a file using Names with someone using an older version of Excel, they might not be able to open it.

In summary, using the Define Name function in Excel is a powerful way to make your worksheets more organized and easier to work with. However, it’s essential to use names carefully and avoid conflicts or unintentional changes to ensure the accuracy of your calculations.

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